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Our Purpose

Our goal at BounceBack Homes is to offer you peace of mind by placing a real solution in your hands, so you are free to remain in your home and protect your net equity.

Stay in Your Home

We can be your best alternative for staying in your home and preventing foreclosure.

A Flexible Alternative

We offer a 12, 18, and 24 month selection of durations for our program that you choose based on your needs. We understand that everyone has a unique situation. Throughout our program, you keep the change in market value of the home.

Convenient and Easy Process

Answer five brief questions online, then we generate your solution and review your options. Unlike other alternatives, we can formulate your custom solution in weeks, as opposed to several months or even years in other paths like filing for bankruptcy.

The BounceBack Benefits


Protect the net equity in your home, which may be partially or fully lost in a foreclosure.


You may receive up to 10% of your home’s net equity at closing in cash and you keep the change in market value of your home.


You choose the time frame you need and the program that works for you.


Unlike bankruptcy, our agreement is private and confidential excluding the recording of the deed.


Our agreements cover the entire process and are reviewed by your attorney.


Your positive payments are reported to help you rebuild your credit score.

"Bad things happen to good people"

You may have faced difficulties such as divorce, illness, loss of a loved one, or income.

Who Do We Serve?

Home Equity

We work with qualified homeowners who have a significant amount of equity in their home.

Bank Uncertainty

You may be trying to negotiate with your mortgage lender and are seeking other alternatives.

  Our Founder’s Story

“I created BounceBack Homes to help people like me. I wanted to stop foreclosures so that we are able to stay in our homes”

(1) Net of your mortgage payoff, other agreed to debts, your cash upfront, BounceBack’s fee and related financing, transaction & closing costs. The amount of your net equity will change depending on the change in the homes value. For example if the home value drops by $10,000 your net equity will decrease by $10,000.

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