Harvard Business Review Features BounceBack Foreclosure Solution

  Don Gross: My Story

If I had to pinpoint my biggest mental blind spot, it would have to be pride. For a long time, I believed that strength meant single-handedly solving any and every challenge life threw my way. So, when I found myself facing a potential foreclosure, seeking outside help did not seem like a viable solution.

It started with a late mortgage payment following a bad business deal in the aftermath of the Great Recession. In the decades I’d spent as a homeowner with a strong career, I’d never had an issue managing my finances. But suddenly, missing mortgage payments became routine. Every month I told myself that next month would be different; I believed that people like myself couldn’t fall into foreclosure.

Unfortunately, I was wrong. I not only lost my home, but all the equity I’d spent years building. What I failed to realize then is just how impactful an unforeseen trigger event can be on one’s finances. I was so fixated on my apparent failure that I could not devise a sound plan of action in the early stages when it mattered most — when foreclosure still could have been avoided.

I later learned that my story is not unique. Just because people don’t talk about the struggle to make mortgage payments during times of hardship doesn’t mean it’s not happening. Actually, it’s because people don’t talk about it that it keeps happening. The fear and shame of potential foreclosure are so paralyzing that many at-risk homeowners suffer silently when they should be actively seeking out help. That was my experience, anyway.

I founded BounceBack Homes to help American homeowners avoid foreclosure while working to restabilize their finances. The truth is that trigger events like job loss, death of a loved one, divorce, and illness happen to even the most financially responsible people, and seeking out assistance early in the process is crucial to avoiding foreclosure.

As someone who has gone through the harrowing foreclosure process, I am sensitive to the growing number of “foreclosure relief” schemes in this industry. Our program is 100% professional, legal, and safe. There are no hidden fees or fine print. We provide total transparency throughout the process and encourage all of our clients to seek legal counsel to verify the integrity of our program. You will see that, unlike most programs, we protect your home equity so you don’t lose everything you’ve worked so hard to build.

Our experienced team will work with you to learn more about your specific situation and determine whether or not you qualify for our program. Even if your situation does not meet the criteria for the BounceBack Homes program, we will still talk one-on-one with you about your options — even if those options are outside of our services.

The truth is that there are options for you, and you do not need to lose your home, like I did, to learn about them. The key to your financial recovery is to take action immediately, even if that starts with picking up the phone to ask some preliminary questions.

You don’t have to do this alone. We are here to help you bounce back.

Donald Gross, Founder and President

Have you gotten mail from us?

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(1) Net of your mortgage payoff, other agreed to debts, your cash upfront, BounceBack’s fee and related financing, transaction & closing costs. The amount of your net equity will change depending on the change in the homes value. For example if the home value drops by $10,000 your net equity will decrease by $10,000.

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