Harvard Business Review Features BounceBack Foreclosure Solution

BounceBack from Foreclosure
Are you one of the 2 million people who may be facing foreclosure through no fault of their own?
BounceBack Homes may be able to help.

Featured Testimonials

Paul N.

Allentown, PA

Victor D.

Fairfield, CT

What Is BounceBack Homes?

Watch our informational video to learn more about our program!

Stay in your home

BounceBack’s team will guide you through a simple process of how you can stay in your home and avoid foreclosure. Our mission is to give your comfort and peace of mind. We want to see you Bounce Back.

Protect Your Rights

BounceBack holds itself to the highest integrity for all our clients. We have designed a comprehensive set of written agreements and disclosures that ensure you are protected
throughout our entire program. We work with several local law firms, and we encourage you to go to your attorney with our solution, or we can recommend an attorney to you.

Secure your home equity

We know how hard you worked to build up the equity in your home. Our solution seeks to protect your hard-earned home net (1) equity and your homeowner’s rights, all while keeping the change in market value of your home.

What makes The BounceBack Program so innovative?

We were founded to empower people who may feel trapped in the long and stressful battle of foreclosure and provide a real solution to help you build a better future.

  Our Founder’s Story

“I created BounceBack Homes to help
people like me, because I wish I had options when I went through foreclosure. I want to give homeowners a real alternative”

(1) Net of your mortgage payoff, other agreed to debts, your cash upfront, BounceBack’s fee and related financing, transaction & closing costs. The amount of your net equity will change depending on the change in the homes value. For example if the home value drops by $10,000 your net equity will decrease by $10,000.

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